Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Treaty ideas

Hunter M, Hunter W and Jack - Using integrity, sitting up, keeping your hands to yourselves and using all the key competencies.

Molly - Appropriate language, talking at the right time (respecting others while they are talking)

Scott - Leave the hundreds board alone and respecting other people (not to insult people)

Grace and Saffron - treat people the way you want to be treated, talk on the mat when Rosie says turn and talk and use your manners.

Jayden, Alexandra and Erin - Put your hat on for outside activities, take care of each other where ever you may be.

Ashleigh - Not to talk back to Rosie

Sophie, Bree and Gessica - name calling is not acceptable, treat adult with respect and respect school property.

James and Max - it's not a good idea to use other people to do you work or to make bad choices.

Kiana and Hali - line up quickly and Quietly and clean up after yourself.

Helen - Listening to peoples ideas

Quentin - Don't look up inappropriate words.

Monajh - Be an active listener, keep eye contract.

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