Monday, 28 May 2012

Bomb fire disaster

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Sophie - Gess said it looks like the fire is sizzling
Gess - Sophie said It looks like after a earthquake in Christchurch it caught on fire
Kiana - Ashleigh thought it was bad to cut down animals habitats
Ashleigh - Kiana said it looks really sad
Hunter my buddy said it looks like it's destroying peoples homes
Hali - Hunter thought it was destroying animals habitats and they wanted more space
Grace my talking buddy said its like part of their house was the forest and it got burnt down and the kids are sad.
Luke - they look bubbly
Alexandra - James said deforestation and Saffron said the ruins of a forest.
Saffron - tragic (Alexandra)
Tragic scenes, Fire disaster in the forest, Civilization happening, Destruction, Bomb fire disaster.
Inferno, sizzling, blast, deforestation, civilization, destroy, earthquake, destruction, disaster, action, tragic.

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