Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Visual images - Our title is Only Life

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Hunter: It's like the only green thing in the picture, so it's maybe the only thing left, it represents life.
Grace: A new life and shine
Sam P: looked cool the green is like a cool colour.
Saffron: life can grow anywhere
James: it makes me think of Walle
Spohie: it makes me feel sad
Erin: human life holding the plant life
Hunter M: it reminds me of seeds and brightness and that there is still faith in the world.
Max: it's as if that one plant could save the planet
Molly: it makes me think about the environment then it makes me think about the Lorax when the Onceler cut down all the trees and then it grows again. Helen: it reminds me of a marine biologist.

Vocabulary - represent, faith, brightness, shine, environment, Biologist, Marine. Risk

A title - Faith, New Life, A plants life in humans hands, One plant, Only life.
Questions? Why hold it when you can grow it? Is it special in some way? Why is the plant so bright and the rest is dark?

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