Thursday, 24 May 2012

Young, wild and free.

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Luke: There's a movie called Curious George
Scott: It looks like it's struggling to climb up the tree.
Ashleigh: young, wild and free
Sophie: It makes me feel like a Orangutan
Hunter W: It makes me think if you cut down animals habitats they will eventually die out.
Monajh: It's cute
Max: It looks as if its fur has absorbed lots of friction thats why it's all fuzzed up.
Molly: It looks like it's trying to climb a tree and get away from it's predators
Erin: It makes her feel happy
Titles: The habitat of the monkey, An Orangutan's life, Young, wild and free, We are free, In search for my family.
Questions: Why is it up high? Why does he look scared? What is it doing? What is it looking at? Why is it climbing in the tree? Why are they so furry?
Vocabulary: Predators, absorbed, habitat, struggling, eventually, friction, fuzz

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