Thursday, 2 August 2012

Check out some of the children's Inquiries about the Olympics!

Scott, Helen and Max are have been finding out about healthy food for athletes. Here is an Olympic update from Scott's blog.They are going to use the recipe below to make chicken soup at School. If you want to find out more just click one of there names on the side bar.
(Scott) ok here are some of the facts we have learnt and the recipe Healthy foods cheese is good for you because it has calcium in it and calcium is good for your bones chicken has protein in it which helps your muscles and bread has carbohydrates in it which are good for energy, so we will put some on the side. The recipe 1.boil the stock and water 2.cook the chicken 3.let the chicken cool 4.dice the carrot 5.dice the celery 6.slice the garlic 7.simmer the vegetables 8.shred the chicken

London 2012 Stadium.
(Grace) Hunter.w and I have research and read a book and they both said the same thing that People believe that the games were invented by the Greek people to honour. The olympics was first held in Greece. Have you ever looked at the stadium where the olympics were first held compared to now, they look a lot different.

Ancient Greece Stadium

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