Monday, 13 August 2012

Here's a sneak peak of how our writing is going!!

Scott - Is representing Horizons Regional Council. The council needs to know both sides of the argument and then they need to come up with  a solution.This is what he has done so far.

Should farmers be able to dump there farm waste into the Manawatu river?
Disagree introduction:
Rubbish is one of the most common and the most dangerus thing that is flowing out to the ocean it’s being dumped into the sea and the way that it gets out there is mostly riveres. The more towns it passes through the more rubbish and the more the more pollution and the more pollution less animals. The Manawatu river is of the biggest rivers in the north island and yet  one of the dirtiest in the western part of the world so dirty that people can’t swim in it,everyone is forgetting how special this river is to the people who live here in the Manawatu region, not much towns and city’s have rivers flowing next to them, when you dump in the Manawatu river it’s not just a problem for the Manawatu it’s a problem for the hole world, did you know that there are four floating huge plastic islands out in the ocean and the main on is twice the size of texas it’s unbelievable we have to stop this dilemma before it leads to a bigger problem.
Agree introduction:
Fonterra  is a company that is dumping there farming waste in the manawatu river but is it for our own good? if they weren’t allowed to dump in the river then the goverment would probably shut them down but they haven’t done that.
When you think about it if we shut them down where will we get most of our money? they work hard all day and all night and you have to remember there not just making things for NZ there making things for all over the world so they have a pretty hard job do really have to make it that harder for them?
Disagree firstly:
it’s a disgrace a NZ crisis I am sickened just by looking at photo’s of the damage they have done I can’t even believe that a couple of years ago you could see through the water and see the bottom of the riverbed I have never been fishing without leaving Palmerston North because of fonterra, think about the future everyone not know that fish existed at all and it will be mostly fontera I think that once the rubbish gets out of the river and into the ocean no one will take it.

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  1. Choice Scott, you've used some powerful emotive words here - especially in the last paragraph - it's definitely made me feel sad about the way people our river has been treated :(

    Keep re-crafting your writing for impact Scott!