Friday, 31 August 2012

The Amazing Race...with a twist!

Kia Ora everyone, yesterday we completed the amazing race to hook Xfactor5 into our knew inquiry of 'What makes a champion'? There were different activities placed around the room and on the deck. I put the expectations of each activity on the T.V. and the whiteboard, asked the children to get into mixed teams of 5, gave them an 'IPAD' (to record what they were doing) then briefly explained the activities and said, 'GO'!
After about 25 minutes I called them down to the mat and asked them to discuss (in their groups) 'What made your team successful'? This is what they said,

being the back stop - helping others
used each others skills at different activities
used team work to make a song
we co operated
we talked about our feelings
we supported each other
when we were completing the word smart challenge it was difficult but we never gave up we showed perseverance.
we were taking turns
we used encouragement to help others like you can do it!
we showed Spirit and determination

Now I didn't even tell them the learning intention, I wanted to know if they could tell me what it might be. Here is what they said,

Friday 31st August 2012
What do you think the learning intention was?
W.A.L.T ...
show spirit and determination
use team work to complete the amazing race
keep our team happy
strive for excellence
include everyone
encourage our team
show what makes a champion.

Here is a copy of the original amazing race learning intention and success criteria.

Aren't they amazing everybody. The students in Xfactor5 have managed to demonstrate the key characteristics of success and name similar learning intentions without any preparation. 
They are truly amazing and have definitely displayed xfactor qualities!

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