Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Clean Bin Project

Hi everyone this is our clean bin project... We have been doing a clean bin project all week and we had to do a really cool bin challenge, where you had to have no rubbish in your bin. Scott suggested that we have a compost bucket for our food scraps (brain food). We could also use containers instead of plastic bags in our lunch boxes and we could use the paper recycling bin for our paper.  At the end of the week if one bin had one piece of rubbish and the other did not have any they would get a price from the price box. If we had a tie with no rubbish in each bin we got a chocolate cake. We didn't use any rubbish in the rubbish bin for a whole week which meant we all got a piece of chocolate cake and some people got a muffin instead of a piece of cake and now we are still trying not to put any rubbish in the bin. Great work guys - Post by Sophie and Bree

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