Sunday, 3 March 2013

Korero mai RSS style - Nga Nama (Numbers)


  1. Another FANTASTIC episode!! Thank you T.K.R Terabytes! I can't wait to show the kids in the iBots in the morning! Elly

  2. This is a very cool movie -just perfect for everyone to watch and learn from (no matter what their age!). Tino pai rawa. David

  3. Hi! We have just watched your movie. We thought it was cool! Here is what we had to say...
    Danika - I learnt those numbers at Kindy when I was the monitor.
    Cullen - I liked it.
    Maia - I like the numbers.
    Gg - I already know the numbers.
    Kyle - I like the movie.
    We say our numbers in English and Maori EVERY day - this will help us. Thanks!!

  4. Anonymous10:10 am

    It is really cool how did you do it

  5. Anonymous10:13 am

    I like how you got other people to count

  6. Anonymous10:01 am

    Will you use other peoples faces at the start because i like that part when you introduce it