Friday, 15 March 2013

Learning Our Pepeha!!

A pepeha is a way to introduce yourself in Maori, to describe whakapapa (geneology) links to a tribe / area. The RSS mihi is an introduction in Maori that tells the story of how we belong to our community and our School. 

Thank you to the families who have returned the letter with the Pepeha on it to School. This is the School Mihi if you haven't returned the letter, this is what your child is learning to say...

Ko Ruahine me Tararua nga maunga (Ruahine and Tararua are the mountains)
Ko Manawatu te awa (Manawatu is the river)

Ko Rangitane te iwi (Rangitane is the iwi) 
Ko Russell Street te kura (Russell Street is the school) 

Ko _____________ raua ko _____________ oku matua  (My parents are ___________ and ___________)

Ko _____________ au. (I am ____________)

Tena koutou katoa - (Greetings to you all)

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