Sunday, 10 March 2013

T.K.R. Terabytes Board Report.

Kia Ora koutou,

WOW where have the weeks gone...we have had an amazing start to the year!!!

Reading: we have been learning to understand, apply and analyse what we are reading. Here are some examples with reflections from some students...
Tipene and Grace have been learning to understand the story by making a flow chart and putting the story in order...
Reading cont...We are learning to Analyse the story by advertising a product from the story...Reuben says - For our Reading group We read a legend about a strong warrior and a girl in the village wanted him to be her husband, so in the night she rubbed kawakawa leaves on her so that the warrior smelt her and was attracted to her and then they got married and we had to make kawakawa perfume so we could make and AD (this is when you need smellavisons or smellaputors )...
Jack says...check out our ADVERTISEMENT!!!...Buy Kawakawa perfume today...

Jewelian-Paul says...We are learning to apply our knowledge of the poem by enhancing the poem with background music.
I felt happy when me and Adarsh recorded my song in garage band.
I wondered if it would be cool if we could find the whistle in garage band.
I tried to ignore all of the distractions around me.
I used expression to make the words sound more interesting .
I learned that it is hard to work in groups with people that don't agree all the time.
Listen to our music...

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Marae Inquiry - Kowhaiwhai patterns (Geometry)
We have started our marae inquiry first we got hooked by looking and learning about different kowhaiwhai patterns check out what these students have found out....
This is Amy's post...
 This is Kayleighs weekly reflection about her kowhaiwhai patterns...
This is Millies research on her Marae Inquiry so far....
Te Marae

Why can the European, or "Pakeha" only enter the marae with an elders permission?
Why is there a special ancestor that the maori usually follow?
Are there marae’s all around the world, or are they only in certain countries?
How many parts are there to the marae, and what are the most important parts of the buildings?

I got this image from:  
Thank you for the image! 

Some information: 

There are over one thousand Marae throughout New Zealand
A marae is a very special place where you can experience Maori art and culture.
A marae does not belong to one person. 
An iwi is a big group of Families.
Maori elders (Kaumātua) should be respected because they are wisest and the strongest.

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