Thursday, 4 July 2013

We are using the writing skills that we have learnt this term - To persuade and show someone how to do our favourite things!!

W.A.L.T persuade people to do things that we think are fun! Like what we like

W.A.L.T persuade

W.A.L.T make / show a procedure

W.A.L.T make a persuasive argument about what we want to do

W.A.L.T persuade people into thinking what we think is fun
and teaching them how to do stuff.

Success Criteria

Correct punctuation
persuasive language E.g -You need to...otherwise, you's compulsory, You need this because...There's no going back, It is vital...Extraoridinary, Excellent, Amazing, wild. Sketch
Therefore, because, while, then, Why?, While in the meantime, Before
Firstly, secondly and Thirdly, Lastly, Finally
Use the main and most interesting parts
Persuasive question? - Will the poison work?
We need a plan, Y chart, bubble map, bullet points, Procedure orgniser, Brainstorm, Brain dump, Thinking hats, flow chart.

Sharing our writing - What have we done so far?

Introduction - What do we know?
Devyn - we are getting them (Reader) ready before we start - (Gemma)
Reuben - Talking about making an interesting title
Hunter - Telling them about the thing that you are doing
Amy - Use interesting words to pull in your reader
It doesn't have to be long...
Joshua shared his was interesting and pulled in the audience... We all wanted to know more!!!

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