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W.A.L.T explain
Focus - Writing an explanation
W.A.L.T explain
Purpose - to show people that you can make dye out of vegetables
Task - to explain a Science investigation
Success Criteria - 
Sentence starters - First off, firstly, secondly, thirdly, At first, I think, I predict, I see, At last, I hear, Now. 
Use different connectives - Like, Next, after that, therefore, meanwhile, also, Finally, then, In the beginning, suddenly.
Use questions - to interact with the audience
Use the proper words
Punctuation - full stops, capital letters, paragraphs, speech marks, 
Proof read - make sure it makes sense
Diagram - picture, image of what happens, the process

Making dye

Dyes are found in many different places like hats,plastic stuff and clothing.There are many different types of dye like food colouring dye and you can even make your one dye too out of tea bags and beetroot. Dye also stains and is very hard to get off. Dye is used evey day and we also eat dye too like eating food that has juice in it. You can also use dye to colour the backround of paintings and famous people use it all the time. So that's dye. Wow.

What can you make dye out of?

First we got a pot and a some beetroot and then you cut up the beetroot and fill the pot with enough water to cover the top of the beetroot. Next you boil the beetroot at 100 degrees celcius. I thought that the beetroot would dye the water a redish pinkish colour but it didn't, It change to a dark pink colour.

What colour did the water change?

Next we drained the beetroot with a sieve and put it into a another bowl. Next we got some calico material and we dipped it into the bowl.I thought that the beetroot would get smaller but it didn't it dyed the calico material dark pink. Next we got the calico material and drown it in the liquid that was left. Next we hung the material up to dry. 

What made the water change colour?

The little beetroot particle helped to change the water into beetroot dye.
By Ben I

Making Natural dye


Did you know that what your wearing today has got dye in it? Well Guess what now you do. Dye is a thing that colours your tops and pants and other things and there is dye that you can put in food to so now you know how your tops are all colourful. Dye was invented by William Perkin, and did you know most natural dyes are from plant sources like... roots, berries, bark, leaves, and wood, fungi, and lichens! Imagine if you had that dye in your top! 

 what do you do?
Before we start make a prediction on what is going to happen!
Well to start of we had a pot with onion skins in it together with water or the skins would burn and nothing will happen apart from burnt onion skins in a pot. Any way make sure that the water is filled to cover the bottom and let it simmer and bubble in the water for about 10 minutes.

What happens to the skins?
Before we go further make a prediction on what is going to happen next!

After you let it simmer in the water you will see the water and for some reason it has gone.... Golden! Like the colour of the queens crown! Now we take the pot of to cool down...

What happens when you let it cool down?

Before we go further make a prediction on what is going to happen next!

So now you will have cold water in a pot.So we grabbed a sift and drained all the golden liquid into another bowl! and walla right in front of me is a beautiful, golden liquid!

What do you do with the liquid?

Now here is the real part...

We put the liquid in the pot and put it onto boil with a material called calico!  We dip the calico in the golden liquid and we let it boil in the pot for 10 minutes and watched it go from white to orange!   
Now after we let it boil we take the calico out of the pot and let it dry, it will take at lest a day to dry!

What else can I use to make dye?

Well we tried beet root and tea bags, when the beet root one dried it was all sticky but it had a strong colour!
And the tea bags were good but it the calico went brown.

Now it is your turn! Try and make it yourself, go to the T.K.R TERABYTES blog to find the recipe just go to...

Thank you for reading my explanation about dye!

By Lily!

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