Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Nature in your hands

Share your thoughts - What do you think?
Millie - A new life, growth and strength
Devyn - Whole picture is black and white and the plant is green
Jacob - It's a new life and it's really effective how they are holding the soil with the plant
Meg - Every little thing counts, The circle of life
Lily - Small things turn into big things, weird
Hunter - Rasil said she saw sand in a hand, I thought it was cool because everything was black and white except the plant
Tawhara - It's focused on the plant, New life, new beginnings
Ben - Everyday is a new day, it looks pretty
Callum it looks like the plant is glowing because everything is black and white

Titles - 
Luke - Nature in your hands
Grace C - Natures beauty
Hunter - the amazing plant
Adarsh - Natures birth
Devyn - That's life
Meg - Hope and Faith
Millie - A new beginning
Jacob - A new life a new beginning
Callum - The early stages
Jade - Nature itself

Questions -
Tawhara - Is it a boy or a girl?
Millie - Why is he holding the plant in the first place?
Callum - Why have they chosen that plant?
Finn - What does it represent?
Jade - How is it standing up by itself?
Adarsh - What type of plant is it?
Jacob - Is he or she planting it or have they taken it out?
Luke - Where are they holding the plant?
Gemma - What are they going to do with the plant?
Lily - Why is everything black and white but the plant is coloured?

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