Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Get Away!!

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Tawhara - people say that it's a monkey but it's an orangatan
Hunter - it looks like it's dancing
Joshua - I thought of calling it monkeyzilla
Jade - It looks like he concentrating on something
Amy - He looks sad
Millie - he looks like he is tired to the trees
Devyn - he looks like hes trying to launch himself
Tipene - he looks like hes about to cry
Jack - he looks like he holding someones hand
Kobe - he looks crazy but cute
Meg - Nathanael likes the background of the picture
Gess - It looks like something off a movie

Title: Ben I - 
Scaredy Chimp
Luke - Concentration
Jade - The forest fuzzy orangutan
Adarsh - Monkey, hug, leap
Millie - King of the jungle
Tobi - A worried orangutan
Cam - The get away
Jacob - Dunstan checks in
Grace R - Finding Rosa
Reuben - An orangutan too many



  1. Anonymous3:37 pm

    picture A monkey title hang in there jp

  2. Anonymous11:49 am


  3. Anonymous11:54 am

    Ben I concentrated, scared,ancshis, sad unhappy

  4. Anonymous11:55 am

    I have got a title for the picture " the amazing live of a dancing orangitang" and I have got a couple of words up my sleeve.... Heavyhearted, jitterbug, adorable! Lily

  5. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Oh and labyrinth and young!

  6. Anonymous12:04 pm

    The get always sounds good i cam up with some other ideas. The jumpy chimp. The spy chimp.

  7. Anonymous12:05 pm

    that is as cute as a baby just been born.