Monday, 5 August 2013

The Science Of Art - Check out our vegetable dyes

Investigation 2 Week 2
A dye can be used to add colour to textiles, leather, paper, and even food.
Textiles, leather, and paper can be dyed with natural substances, such as
vegetable juices.
When the colour change is temporary, a physical change has occurred.
When the colour change is permanent, a chemical change has occurred.
Not all dyes are made up of highly processed chemicals. Textiles can be dyed with
natural pigments, which can be obtained from plants, animals, or minerals.
Simple vegetable dyes can easily be extracted by boiling parts of a suitable plant in
water. Some cultures use traditional methods to dye textiles, such as tapa cloth in
the Pacific, tweed in Scotland, and piupiu skirts in New Zealand. Plants can also be
used to produce dyes for body adornment, for example, tattooing pigments.

 Tea Bags
 Onion Skins

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