Friday, 9 August 2013

Week 2 Class Reflection Term 3 2013

Yellow hat: -
Amy - we came 23rd in Mathex
Gess - The big sad wolf came
Grace C - Opening of the Hub and dreesing up like a book character
Tawhara - Tipene and I have nearly finished our documentary for the Digi awards
Meg - The dye experiment
Ben I - I have just about finished my introduction

Black hat:
Nathanael - Mathex questions
Kobe - finding my keywords for my reading
Kaedyn - writing because we had to write an introduction
Cam - trying to think of an idea for the digi awards

White hat:
Ben H - how to use brackets in Maths
Jack - In maths how nto use 2 different division strategies
Tomas - Learning how to make dye out of natural veges
JP - you can make dyes out of many things

Tobi -try to use an array for division
Millie - need to work on my writing - my intro is too short
Kayleigh - learn new strategies in Maths
Reuben - I need to get better at rounding and compensating in Maths
Tipene - Try to use brackets for division
Devyn - learn Maori better

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