Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Haiku Poetry

Poetry (When, Who, & Where) - Purpose: (Why are we writing?) to describe a part of nature. 

WALT: write a Haiku poem (favourite season, words, pictures related to that season). 
Success Criteria: (we will know we have achieved this when we have)
a title
focused on nature
5,7,5 each verse 17 syllables
3 lines

Yesterday I send everyone outside for 10 minutes to write or draw anything they could see about nature...Today I have given them 10 minutes to add any information they already know about nature...

Quick Sharing time...
Luke - Flowers / blossoms
Finn - Baby animals
JP - worms digging holes in the ground
Reuben - The grass is as blue as the sky
Tipene - Rocks
Adarsh - The white clouds

What do we know about writing a Haiku Poem

Kayleigh - sometimes they have similes
Tawhara - 17 syllables
JP - True facts
Reuben - Nature
Tomas - Japanese poetry

Class example
5 - Baby animals
7 - Struggling to get to their feet
5 - In the brisk, cool air...

Blossoms come in spring 5
spring is so awesome 5
honey bees love (the) spring 5

Hunter - take the out
Jade - its avout spring - nature
Kayleigh - wonderful 6,

Finn- it all connects (he could actually change the order around so the honey bees relate to the blossoms)
Nathanael - Spring is very beautiful


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