Wednesday, 4 September 2013

W.A.L.T explain

Focus - Writing an explanation
W.A.L.T explain
Purpose - to share what we have learnt in our inquiry about dye.
Success Criteria - 
Sentence starters - First off, firstly, secondly, thirdly, At first, I think, I predict, I see, At last, I hear, Now. 
Use different connectives - Like, Next, after that, therefore, meanwhile, also, Finally, then, In the beginning, suddenly.
Use questions - to interact with the audience
Use the proper words
Punctuation - full stops, capital letters, paragraphs, speech marks, 
Proof read - make sure it makes sense
Diagram - picture, image of what happens, the process

Here are some unfinished examples
Example one

In our class this term we have been doing the science of art. Sound interesting to you? Well, it is. We have been experimenting using  heaps of different materials and dye. We used art dyes, natural dyes, food colouring & -even jellybean dye.

Lily, Amy and I have been making lots of accessories out of wool and Calico material. We used watered down food colouring a lot more than natural dyes because the colours were more vibrant and bright, and also the food colouring had a wider range of colours.

On our original plan we were going to do a dress that came to knee length that looked a bit like a ballerina’s dress. We chopped and changed out plan lots, adding bits here, taking bits of there. We changed out plan so that it looked like a dress that an elf would wear.

Example two

The great project! [sock puppets]

Do you know what sock puppets are? they are AWESOME things that you play with. These are some awesome ways to make sock puppets with dye and white socks AWESOME. And you can make the dye by yourself with jelly beans! yum, and it will be fun and if your friends are with you can play SUPERHEROES. Making sock puppets are fun but you need to know what you are doing using different materials, you can make loads of things with loads of different materials for example ( calico, cotton, pure wool and acrylic even more too! we used them for our project and we used real socks). Our names for our sock puppets are super stevie and bad steve!

Please read these examples and give them feedback...Thank you!!

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