Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Winter Wonderland

Kaedyn - Glow snow
Millie - Winter wonderland
Hunter - The jars of space
Luke - Stars in Jars
Grace C - The glowing sensation
Anna - Raining stars
Gess - The jars
Joshua - The moonlight in the jar

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Monday 16 September 2013
Kayleigh - Why is it in jars?
Adarsh - How is it glowing?
Callum - I wonder if it is broken glow sticks
Anna - What is it?
Jade - Where does the glowing come from?
Ben I - What time of the day is it?
Josh - Where was it?


Paint party
Grace R - fluroence
Kaedyn - fireworks
Jade - Starry
Devyn - Paint ball attack
Ben I - Glitter sensation

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