Monday, 21 October 2013

WALT persuade

We are using a topic from our "Writers Notebooks" to persuade at least one person to agree with us.
Focus: Persuasive Writing - "Something you don't like"
Purpose: to convince at least one person to...agree with you.
WALT persuade
Success Criteria:
Persuasive language /phrases EG…Therefore….This is the worst…..Scientific research shows…..
It’s the best / worst thing since sliced bread….It is yuk because….If you don’t like running….
Visual Language Features like - Making letters bold to emphases the meaning
Emotive language:  Strong Adjectives...No one can deny, some people believe
Paragraph Structure – Introduction Facts – Have Reasons, Information, Statistics - Main points
Connectives: Furthermore, However, Consequently, Therefore, So, because, firstly, finally
Rhetorical questions: ‘Are we to believe that ….’

Here are some examples of our writing so far.......These are DRAFT documents only!!!!!

Have you ever eaten mushroom before? If you have don't eat them any more because they are smelly and yucky.If you haven't you should not try them, not even once!

Hi guys I'm Nathanael and I'm here to tell you NOT TO EAT MUSHROOM! Because they are so yuck and smelly like poo.
Firstly the first time I saw mushroom. I was walking around my house trying to find my brother, but suddenly I smelt something nasty really really nasty smell I walked to the kitchen then I asked my mum " what is that smell" my mum said It is called mushrooms. It was lunch I asked " can I not eat mushroom". After a while my mum finally agreed.

Why I don’t like Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber became a massive singer in the states when he was 14, most people didn’t discover him until  7 months after his first song THAT IS A TRUE FACT!!!! Justin Bieber was first discovered in the states from a group of girls. Join us if you want to give Justin Bieber a hight five in the face with a chair. Justin Bieber was one of the most biggest pop stars. I don’t what happened to his fame. If you state girls out there think Justin Bieber is AWESOME, WELL THEN YOU DEAD WRONG!!!!! It gets really annoying when someone plays a Justin Bieber song just to get nearly every person in the room angry. Some people like Justin Bieber. And Justin Bieber is a big baby!!!

If only we could play flags every day

Hi do you like flags? I know I do. how would you like to play it everyday. Flags is a great game. It involves TEAM WORK and it is very great exercise. Everybody can play it. It is my 2end most favorite game to play at sports. with E9 

flags Is a great game because You need to use throwing skills and dogging skills and even running. and two more things. Tagging. And most of all YOU WILL HAVE FUN!!!!!  it can make you faster at running for athletics. without playing flags everyday there is no fun at bunch and lunch. 

Why we can not play it every is because it takes to long to set up. The sad thing is we have lots and lots of work to finch. That is the sad part. It always put a smile on my face how bout yours so what do you say do we convince the teachers to play flags just about everyday   

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