Wednesday, 13 November 2013

At the moment in Reading, we are working on areas that we need to improve on!!!!

This assessment tool can be useful in determining a student’s level of comprehension.  Analysis of the sub-tests is required in order to look beyond the overall stanine.  

Scaled scores from these assessments can be used to assist you with making an OTJ.  See the graphs below (under Year 4-6 heading) to guide your judgment  for a student.

Overall teacher judgments of achievement and progress involve combining information from a variety of sources, using a range of approaches. Evidence may be gathered in the following three ways:
  • Observing the process a student uses to complete a learning task.
  • Conversing with the student to find out what they know, understand and can do.
  • Gathering results from formal assessments, including standardised tools.

    Recently we have been STAR and PAT testing in our class. We are using the results of these tests to target any gaps we have in our learning. Check out some of the activities the children have designed to help each other close these gaps.

    Here are our learning intentions -
    WALT design our own sentence comprehension activities
    WALT design our own paragraph comprehension activities
    WALT find new vocabulary
    Here are some examples from the children.....

WALT design our own sentence comprehension activities.
Finish The Sentence

1. We have to make sure we have a adult ........, and only one person from each group should be in the stream at any time.
Human / Supervisor / Person / Kid /

2. Did something ........  you?
Bite / Curl / Go On / Examine /

3. Kirsty ........ is a marine biologist.
Russell  / Santa / Stewart / Hoho / 

4.  There are 32 .......... of dolphins worldwide.
Species / Critters / Endangered / People /
  1.  It was easy to open the .......
Coconut / Peach Nut / Avocado Nut / 

  1. Is a tomato a fruit or .......?
None of these / Root / Vegetable / 

  1. Your lovable pet can be a ....... enemy.
Mysterious / Dangerous / Beautiful / Lovable /

  1. The scientists will use the information they collect to draw a big map of lake ........’s  geothermal system.
Wanaka / Taupo / Taihape / 

  1. The fence is about ......... meters high and 9 kilometers long.
100,00 / 3 / 200 / 1 /

  1. He gently pulls the ...... out and cradles it in his arms.
Kiwi / Rooster / Bee / Weasel /

WALT design our own paragraph comprehension activities

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