Monday, 25 November 2013

WALT - use a range of blooms higher order thinking skills

Last week, we hard such a busy week, most people didn't get to finish our reading mission, or rushed and didn't strive for excellence. So, this week, your mission is to repeat the same higher order thinking activities, striving for a proficient understanding. You must complete at least 3 of these activities by the end of the week! However, if you complete all 6 activities you will get bonus minutes during free time. 
Don't forget to get a buddy to check your work against the rubric. Please put your finished work on to your blog, with the marking rubric and the WALT!
Good luck!!

WALT remember the story...finding interesting words

WALT understand the writing a summary

WALT analyse the designing a questionnaire

WALT apply our knowledge of the making background music for 

part of the story

WALT evaluate the using a 

PMI chart

WALT making a book cover 

for the story

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