Wednesday, 20 November 2013

We are writing down our memories about School so far, in our writers notebooks.

What do we know about writing a speeches

Anna - having a speech in chronological order - covering your whole learning journey
JP - expressing your feelings in front of everyone
Callum - Personal statements
Jacob - talking about personal experiences - memories
Cam - speeches start off with an introduction
Tawhara - talking about the past

Writers notebook - School memories

An analogy is a comparison between two things that are usually thought to be different from each other, but that have something in common. Analogies help us to understand something because they are compared to something we already know. 
Here's an example...
Out in the sunshine, our class gathered around for Seed2Table (S2T).  I ran the fork through the warm soil to prepare the soil for planting.  With a bit of luck  (and some water and tender loving care) our seeds will sprout and grow into luscious, red, juicy tomatoes.  “Take care of these little seeds,” warned Jacqui, as she handed me some tiny tomato seeds.  As I held them in the palm of my hand, it made me think that I was like a tiny seed when I first started at Russell Street School.  

Christine and Ebony looked after me when I was just sprouting.  They watered me with patient words and encouragement.  Slowly my confidence grew.  I learnt to write in sentences and slide down the fireman’s pole in the playground.  I made friends with the other seedlings in the bed, as we jostled for water and sunshine, but my sister was my best friend for the first few weeks at school.

Deb was my next gardener.  She was kind and funny and weeded out all our bad habits.  Deb’s class always seemed to win things.  Somebody even won a tug of war competition with the Mitre 10 Mega guy.  We were sad when she went off to plant another garden in Alexandra. Then we swayed in time to the beat of Nic’s guitar.  Everybody knows that music makes plants grow tall and strong.  Nic even made us sing Brooke Fraser solos!

Then it was Jacqui’s turn.  She knows how to keep unruly young plants in line and fertilised us with great ideas, like City Class. Soon I will need staking out because I have grown tall and branched out into Mathex with David, Bookapedia with Suzanne, Office Angels with Ag, Kapa Haka with Rosie and Nic, Rustling Ukes with Jennifer and DanceNZ with Dean McKerras.  Moana has helped me climb as high as I can with sports including netball, basketball, touch rugby, in-line skating, summer hockey and T-ball.  

My tomatoes are still a bit green (because I am only in year five) but, by next year, I hope to produce the best fruit I can, in the best garden of all called Russell Street School.  Tomato sauce, anyone?  

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