Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Maori Resource!!

Kia ora koutou, today I am working on my Maori resource for the classroom!! I am focusing my resource on "Kei te pehea te ahua o te rangi!" 

Learning the Maori language has social, cultural, cognitive, and intellectual benefits, which instill a sense of belonging, helping to save our taonga and gaining understanding about our national heritage.
Students of today need an up-to-date curriculum that reflects not only the knowledge and skills needed for the future, but also the best teaching strategies and learning theories. 21st Century learning knowledge domains are reflected in the Ministry of Education’s NZ curriculum with five competencies being integral to the way students learn and teachers teach. Information Communication Technology (ICT) or elearning can and does play a powerful part in developing these competencies. It is providing new, authentic learning opportunities; giving learners access to immediate information; providing opportunities to be creative/innovative and enabling students to overcome barriers to learning.
So I have decided to make a Maori resource that infuses eLearning to support Maori language skills and competency.

Check out some of the images I will be using!

 Kei te pehea te ahua o te rangi?
How is the weather today?
 Kei te whiti te ra!
The sun is shining!
 Kei te wera!
It's hot!
 Kei te hukapapa!
It's snowing!

 Kei te aotea!
It's cloudy!
Kei te heke te ua!
The rain is falling!

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