Friday, 28 February 2014

Whakapapa confusion!!

"I believe the process of going from confusion to understanding is a precious, even emotional, experience..."(Greene, 2014, brainyquote.)

I have been researching our family whakapapa as part of my Marae research and it has become very confusing. So many of my whanau from the 19th century used a variety of names which makes it really hard to track down who they are!! So I turned to some of my whanau like Shane and Uncle William to help me out!! Kia Ora whanau mo to tautoko ki au!! Anei, etahi taku whakapapa...
Tangihoro m Ropata Hikitapua
Erana Kawa Hikitapua m Wi Henare
Ema Reremoana Henare m Wiremu Northover
Rosie Northover m Rex Parker
Toddy Parker m Georgina Borlase
Rosie Parker

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