Wednesday, 18 March 2015

"Thursday with Whaea Horiana"

9am - 9.30 - Roll, Yellow book, Introductions in Māori - Pēpēha

9.30 - Brainfood - He Porowhita - (sharing time)

9.40 - Basic facts digital posters

You can use comic life or pic collage to show us the basic facts that you are practicing at home.
Here is an example for you to follow:

10.20 - Writing - WALT write a recount about the Marae Trip

Features of Recount Writing

Are the events in time order? E.g.

We met in the hall...I was waving out to the children as the bus sped off down the road...When we arrived at the Marae, we patiently waited at the gate ... After the pōwhiri I was busting to go to the toilet...

Is it in the past tense? E.g. Was, left, woke up, etc

Does it use time connectives?
e.g. next, meanwhile, within hours, soon afterwards, weeks later, etc.

Does it use powerful verbs? Powerful verbs can make your writing much much more exciting and dramatic!!

E.g. Grabbed          snatched           sprinted         scrambled          shouted         screamed     crawled          leapt          strode          yelled            exclaimed         glared

Is the last line linked to the introduction / does it have a good conclusion?

Sam and Harrison are being picked up just before 11am by Katrina Ives for Swimming. 

10. 55 Brunch

11.25 - silent option til 11.40

11.45 - Marae Diary - Day two writing
Evaluation etc

12.15ish - finishing off sketching, making a slide show of the photo's Rosie has shared with you, with a small description. You can use iphoto, kizoa, picasa or any app that makes slide shows.

Lunch - 2nd lunch duty front from 1.25 - 1.40

Music with Jenny straight after lunch - Line up and wait for Jenny.

2.25 - pack up go out for a game

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