Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Wacky Wednesday with Whaea Horiana

Paepae to lead

Roll - Kei konei a .....
Yellow book
A haka mana
Ka mate?
Te Reo Māori Practice? 

9.30ish Sharing time (brainfood)

Work to finish

Publishing your marae writing
Make sure all your words are spelt correctly on your blog - Edit your blog posts

Your Tukutuku pattern - pencil, pen, colouring in pencils, one colour for the background
Please put a copy on your Blog with a story about your pattern.

Thank you letters

Finish off your reading games
If they say they have finished everything they can do these
reading activities - Handwriting, writing and illustrating poems. These are kept on the library shelf.
For the poems they need to copy a large poem from the shelf into their writing book and them draw some pictures from the poem on it.

After brunch

Pop corn

After lunch

Making cards

Kia pai oū koutou rā

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