Tuesday, 31 March 2015

W.A.L.T write a thank you letter!

W.A.L.T write a thank you letter
Success Criteria:

Features of a letter
Is the letter formal or informal?
Is the address in the top left hand corner of the page?
Does the date of the letter come underneath the address?
Does the letter start with Dear… or another type of greeting?
Is the reason for writing clearly given in the first paragraph?
Is there a clear beginning, middle and end?
Does it keep the reader interested   -using well chosen words?
Has the letter been signed off correctly eg. Yours sincerely, yours faithfully etc.

25 Russell Street
Russell St

31st March 2015

Opening Sentence Examples:

Dear Darryn,
Thank you for coming to the Marae and giving up your time.

Dear David,
Thank you for taking care of us on the Marae, especially our little buddies.

Dear Mum,
I know I can talk to you in real life, but thank you for your spare time and helping me on the Gorge Walk.

To ......
Thank you for giving up your spare time and helping us with...

Sincerely, or Thank you, 

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