Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Here is a list of work we need to finish today!

We need to finish the plant stages

  • cut out the stages of a plant growing
  • put them in order
  • number them from 1-6
  • explain what is happening at each stage, use the words we came up with to help you
  • colour them in and put them 
  • take a photo and put them on your blog
Finish off your reading activities, get them checked by Rosie or Whaea and put them on your blog.

Te Reo Māori
  • Finish off your whānau cover page and paste it into your book
  • start making your whakapapa page, use Rosie's as an example
  • Use the sentences from your homework sheet, to help you write about your whānau.
  • Your first sentence should say"Taku Whānau"
  • Example - Start from your Tipuna, write Ko _______ raua ko ____ ōku tīpuna i te taha o tōku Pāpā.

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