Sunday, 10 May 2015

Persuasive writing

Purpose: To attempt to convince the reader 
WALT persuade by advertising POUTOKOMANAWA
Success Criteria
  • Opening statement - introduce your point of view 
  • Use good reasons and evidence to convince your readers 
  • Use facts rather than persuasive comments 
  • Try to get the reader interested and on your side - appear reasonable 
  • Fascinate your readers so that they agree with you  
  • Use strong, positive language 
  • Short sentences can help give emphasis 
  • Make the reader think that everybody else does this, agrees or that it will make them a better, happier person, eg Everyone agrees that..., We all know that...  
  • Draw the reader in, eg At long last the ...... that you have been waiting for  
  • Be informative, persuasive and friendly
  • Alliteration can make slogans memorable, eg Buy British Beef 
  • Use humour as it can help get people on your side 
You have 10mins to compare the following advertisements about "The Skate -o-Matic". Which one do you prefer and why? Make a list of things that make your favourite ad successful!

You thought that Advert 2 was more successful, so what made it successful?:

  • It has more information
  • More colours
  • It has four different speeds
  • It's cheaper
  • They made up words like Skate tastic, which made it more fun and entertaining
  • 4 remarkable wheels
  • Lots of reasons
  • Only a few left, be quick
  • Sometimes ads say what you want to hear, they may twist the true slightly.
  • Description is better, they say that everyone likes it.

Useful strong positive language:

  • Here are some examples of persuasive adverts to help you!

All great ideas start with a plan! Use a planning tool of your choice like:


Mind mapping

Kia kaha ake!

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