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WALT write a persuasive argument

WALT write a persuasive argument

Persuasive writing puts forward a point of view and tries to get the reader to agree with it.
It is written in a forceful manner so that it can
win over the audience.

Warm up - using your writers notebooks, write this statement and note down all your ideas about the statement. What do you think?

Purpose: To argue the case or a point of view, 
to attempt to convince the reader.

Structure: Opening statement - introduce your point of view Arguments - point and evidence

Conclusion - repeat your point of view
Features: Present tense

Connectives (logical not time) - because, however, this shows, etc. 

Success Criteria: we will know we have achieved this when:

  • we can state our point of view clearly in the introduction and the conclusion
  • we can back each argument with relevant evidence and detail
  • our argument is mainly in the present Tense
  • we use connectives which link our ideas within the argument: because, consequently, so, therefore
  • we can structure the argument using firstly, secondly, finally
  • we can use persuasive devices such as

§ Statistics: ‘More than 50%.....’

§ Emotive language; strong adjective

Of course…………

I would like to tell you about…


undoubtedly .......

above all .....
specifically  ......

more importantly ......

I have heard a rumour that...

This needs to be dealt with....

§ Rhetorical questions: ‘Are we to believe that ….’

Powerful rhetorical question starters

How could you (we) possibly…..

Do you really think…..

What would happen if……

Could your conscience cope with….

Is it really worth….

Do you want to be part of…….

Goldilocks and the 3 bears


Should Goldilocks have entered the 3 bears house!


I agree with this statement because...
I disagree with this statement because...

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