Saturday, 6 June 2015

Our last S2T with Joy at Ross!

Here are some of the children's reflections about Seed 2 table! Thanks Joy, Liz and Jo!

Two Stars And A Wish (Ross Cooking)

My first star is that I didn't slice my fingers off when I was peeling the potatoes. But that's more I can say for others...

My second star was that I felt as though I'd improved a lot because back four weeks ago I said "Okay, that's gonna be a bit hard slicing those up" then now I just say "Alright thats not gonna take long"

I wish I could've been more manoeuvrable around the kitchen because I got stuck at times. But I could improve on that by talking to people to make sure I don't get cut by sharp and pointy things. 

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  1. Sumayah8:49 am

    The food looks delicious!!! Yum!!!