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WALT retell a Myth / Legend from a country we are researching.

  • Based upon real characters and events
  • Richly embellished and exaggerated over time
  • Exciting narrative as all events are possible
  • Plot has become widely adapted or updated (fictional)
  • Usually focuses on an individual character, a cultural hero or heroine or a person respected and remembered  and who is brave e.g. Robin Hood, Maui
  • Legends can be about places e.g. Atlantis, Shangri-La
  •  Legends can be about animals e.g. Yeti, Loch Ness monster
  • There is a difference between honour and dishonour
  • Based upon life stories and community history
  •  Reveal information about the way people lived, what they believed in, who was important to them, what they valued and what they were afraid of.
  • Convey meaning about the way we live our lives across cultures and time.
  • Could be loosely based on real events but usually created to teach something important and meaningful.
  • Usually set in times long ago, before history as we know it was written.
  • Usually has some important meaning for the culture or region in which story first told.
  • Used to explain the world and major events, which at the time, people were not able to understand, e.g. floods and earthquakes.
  • These stories sometimes have characters who are gods or super-beings who use their powers to make things happen.

WALT retell a Myth / legend from a country we are researching.
Co-constructed SC:

Make sure your information is correct and if there are a variety of versions, choose the most well known
keep your writing in order:
beginning, middle and end
make sure you have your plan
put it into your own words
use more interesting words, 
time connectives - suddenly, later, unexpectedly, meanwhile, next minute...after that
proof read your writing
highlighter strategy

Editing your story is a very important  - Make sure you read it through carefully and check:
Will your story make sense to your reader and will it interest them?
Have you given a satisfactory ending?
Is your spelling correct?
Make sure you have used a range of punctuation ,  .  !      ?  ( 
 Start a new paragraph for:
A change of time, e.g. Early the next morning…
A change of place e.g. On the other side of the mountain stood…
A change of action e.g. At that moment the lights went out.

A change of character e.g. Unexpectedly, Dr Townley rounded the corner.

Use this link to help you with your planning.

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