Thursday, 12 November 2015

Friday with Hillary

A message for Hillary
8.55 - The Paepae (a group of kids) finish the roll
8.57 - The Paepae lead Karakia (We pray in Māori).
9am - 9.30 Christian Religious Education with Shirley!The kids that don’t do this go to Friday Explorers.

9.30 - 10.30
Waiata, (sing songs) brainfood, finish off their Writing and Reading tasks. Most of them are working in pairs.

10.30ish - We check who has brought their homework back. The kids can buddy mark their spelling. Then they can come back to the mat and share some of their synonym sentences. The answer to the maths problem is 4 strips of paper.
Quiana has been in Australia so she doesn’t need her homework.

10.55 - Brunch. Karakia - (Grace)We have to watch the kids eat until 11.05.

11.25 - Kids return to class, our buddy class is coming over!
Sing Ka mate and do the haka with buddies
Pick new buddies
Take photo’s of classroom objects from Rm  2 and Rm 11 with your buddy and make a label in Te Reo Māori to go with it.

12.10pm Library - The students need to return their own library books, and can they please pick a variety of books for the class. They can get 30 - 35.

12.35 - Return to class for free time from 12.40 - 12.55.
12.55 - 1.40 Karakia - (Grace) - lunch
1.45 - 2pm Silent Option, Reading, writing, drawing
2pm - 2.15 - Game (Indian tag)?
2.15 - 2.20 - Clean up and do their jobs

2.25 - 2.55ish Get buddies for school singing, walk to the hall. 
3pm - Karakia - Finish
Ngā Mihi

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