Sunday, 22 November 2015

Measurement Challenge this week!

Capacity Challenge - Find at least 5 objects from around the School that hold more than 1 litre but less than 1.8Litres.

Weighing Challenge - Weigh a variety of objects and find at least 5 pairs that weigh the same from the around the School.

Distance Challenge - Each person in your group has to make a paper plane and measure how far it can fly inside the hall and outside. Make sure you have a starting point. Make sure you decorate it!

Measuring challenge - Find at least 5 objects that are approximately 10cm long, 1m long and 10m long. Take photo's of all 5 objects lined up next to each other. You need 5 objects for each measurement. 5 that are 10cm, 5 that are 1m and 5 that are 10m. Good luck!

Area / Perimeter Challenge - Once you have worked out the area, you need to work out how much carpet you would need to cover the floor area of each rectangle and how much it would cost! The carpet costs $12 a square metre!

Don't forget to record your findings or have photographic evidence of your findings and put them on your blog after they have been checked!

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