Thursday, 4 February 2016

Friday with Whaea Horiana

Paepae - Tawhirimātea (Quentin, Quiana, Grace, Memphis, Zyd, Tui)
Yellow book
Acts of kindness book

Kai hauora - Sharing time

WALA "Being special"

Each group has started brainstorming similarities and differences of children they have seen in a black and white photo and a colour photo. Now they need to use their "Daily Book" to plan their ideas and finish the following sentences...

I am unique because ...
Our class is special because ...

Write as much information as you like about each sentence. You can even draw pictures. Be creative, its your choice! Plan what you want it to look like first.

Here are some examples for you! 
Success Criteria
use your "Daily Book" for planning
write the date at the top of the page
write down and draw your ideas for each sentence
use these sentences - I am unique because...Our class is special because...
Be creative
Choose an ICT tool for your final copy

If you finish try - - Rosie will give you a copy of your username and password in the morning.

Brunch 10.55 - 11.25
11.25 - 11.45 - Silent reading

Reflections: Two stars and a wish - 2 good things and 1 thing they want to get better at!
Whole class brainstorm together put the children's highlights by the stars and what they want to get better at by the wish.

Send children off to complete their own 2 stars and a wish. They need to get it checked before they put it on their blog.

12.10ish Library until 12.35

12.35 - 12.55 - Free time for the groups that have a full jar. If they don't have a full jar they need to complete a Handwriting card and a poetry card (poems need to be copied and illustrated) Please use your "Daily Book" to do this.

12.55 - 1.40 - lunch

1.45 - Milk - Teacher read, "The invention of Hugo Cabret"

Tidy up
School Singing

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