Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Whakawhanaungatanga - Building positive relations

W.A.L.T show whakawhanaungatanga

Jhaz - stand up / stick up for someone else
Qwade - play with people when they have no one to play with
Hayley - respecting others - being patient,
Tui - listening to others ideas
Mikaela - managing your self by not talking to others while you are working
Peara - when someone gets hurt you can help them
Nikau - by helping people when they are down, when they are sad or crying
Braydon - say aroha mai when someone is talking
Logan P - aroha mai also means sorry, so when you accidentally bump into someone
Jada - not talking when other people are talking
Izzy - using kind words - Everybody - sorry, thank you, please, your funny (compliment), Kei te pehea koe?, you are nice, you look lovely, how has your day been?
Logan P - staying focused
Whaea Meta - acknowledgement

Success Criteria:
make a plan
work in your roopu whanau
listen to each others ideas
try to use everyones ideas (consideration)
everyone has a part to play - contributes
be creative
show whakawhanaungatanga

Task: In your roopuu whānau you can make a imovie, comic strip, puppet pals, pic collage, make a skit / role play, animation, or a slide show displaying what Whakawhanaungatanga looks like at RSS.

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