Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Te Reo Māori this term!

WALT make a slide show or a book in Māori about food!

He pai ki a koe ngā āporo? (Do you like apples?) Āe, he pai ki ahau ngā āporo. (Yes, I like apples.) Kāo, kāore i te pai ki ahau ngā āporo. (No, I don’t like apples.) He pai ki ahau ngā āporo, nō te mea he reka. (I like apples because they are sweet.) Kāore i te pai ki ahau ngā remana, nō te mea he kawa. (I don’t like lemons because they are sour). He aha tō tino kai? (What’s your favourite food?) He mīti taku tino kai. (Meat is my favourite food.)                  

This term, we are learning to ask someone if they are hungry and how to offer them some food!

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