Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Market Day Poster Criteria

Hey guys! So Hannah and I need you guys to make some posters. We have a list of things you MUST have on it and remember to make it clear and easy to read and so people would like to buy it! Please DO NOT PRINT IT OUT JUST SEND IT TO ONE OF HANNAH OR I! We need to check it! Work with your group on this! Discuss,Contribute and show excellence. 

Title- Be Specific, Not just "food" or "crafts". Think about what people will think of it. 
Memo or Little Description- Why you should buy your product. Make them want to buy it! 
Picture- Of your finished product, think about angles and colours.
Prices-Think about a fair price for your product or products. People will not buy a cupcake for $10.
Name or Logo **OPTIONAL**- Your name of your group in fancy text or a logo like mc Donald's M. 

Bold, big title. Readable text. Catchy Description or memo. Maybe not a poppy background. Colour Theme.

Email us at: hannahp@russellst.school.nz or zarah@russellst.school.nz

Make sure you email us your posters by the end of next week otherwise we will not be able to book you in or get you a stall! 

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