Monday, 24 October 2016

Our planning this week!

W.A.L.T use these Te Reo Māori sentences about the Market!

Use these sentences in a poster, i muri i tēnā (after that) use these sentences in a short movie about the market! (Act out selling your product at the mākete!)

Haere mai ki te Mākete! - Come to the Mārket!

He aha tēnei? What is this?

He aha ēnei? What are these?

He... A/some...

E hia te utu? How much is it?

Example: Rima tāra - 5 dollars, rua tekau hēneti - 20 cents.

He aha māu? What would you like / What's for you?

He... A/some...

Tītīro ki tēnei? - Look at this?

Tītīro ki ēnei? - Look at these?

He pai ki a koe? Do you like it?

Ae! He pai ki ahau he / ngā ... Yes! I like a/some / the ...

mōni - money
wā / taima - time
toa - shop
hoko - buy

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